Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fly Little Butterfly

I have two beautiful creatures in my life, my two butterfly girls. One has already spread her wings, finding her way through life, while the other one is slowly unfolding her tender wings, I hear their rustling whispers against the cocoon and know that it will not be long now, the world awaits........  It is beautiful, a thing of wonder to behold, to see your children take to the skies, knowing you have all their lives prepared them for that moment, praying their wings are strong enough.  I so would love to just hold them close, keep them save, never let them go, but I know that to become all they are meant to be, destined by God to be, they can only become once they find their own way on the breezes of life, testing the strenghts of their own wings.  Fly, my little butterflies, fly, and know that wherever you go my heart, my love goes with you......

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