Thursday, 29 November 2012

Soon It Will Be Dawn....

While you are fast asleep in dreamland, I sit here at your laptop with a heart full of words and a head full of memories.  The day of your birth, your first smile, your first wobbly steps.  I still remember your excitement to go to big school, your pledge when you were ten never to let a boy kiss you!!  Then, at sixteen, the model, the jazz singer. 
Now, in hours little enough to count it will be your special day - your wedding day.  A day all little girls dream of, fantasize about and hope for.  The world is full of little girls playng "Wedding-Wedding",draping granny's lace curtain about their bodies, weaving blossoms in their hair.  There are so many things I want to say to you, but my heart is so full that I simply do not have words enough to express them.  Despite the long time I've had to familiarise myself with the idea, this day is here too soon, not because I'm  reluctant for it to happen, no, but simply because a mother's arms are never ready to let go.
Yet, this is one of those special moments for which I have endevoured to prepare you since that wonderful day I held you in my arms.  The day you walk down the aisle with your special young man into a new tomorrow as a woman and a wife.
My darling butterfly, I wish you happiness as wide as the heavens above, I wish you love as timeless as the sand of all the oceans and I wish you wisdom and patience as never-ending as the ever-expanding universe.  My thoughts and prayers will always be there as the wind beneath your wings, lifting you and catching you.
Go well, my butterfly, it is a wonderful journey you are embarking on, accompanied by a special man, hand-picked by the Lord.  Soon it will be dawn, and you, the most beautiful bride.......

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  1. I don't know what to say, but thank you for preparing me for this journey,thank you for teaching me valuable lessons and for always being there for me! You are and always will be my role model,my icon! I cannot believe that my big day has actually come and passed already,it feels like a dream! Thank you for making it all so special! I love you more than you can imagine!