Friday, 27 February 2015

Forgive Yesterday

Today I want to talk about Yesterday.  The Beatles sing "Oh, I believe in yesterday", while David Guetta says "I got no use for yesterday".  
Whichever song you sing, Yesterday is a fact, and it is a part of our lives.  Our photo albums are filled with yesterdays.  Precious moments captured, happy smiles and memorable events.  In between each snapshot are hundreds of unrecorded yesterday moments.  We cannot change any of our yesterdays, nor can we live there, and like it or not, yesterday has an impact on each one of us. However, we can decide what impact we are going to allow our yesterdays to have on our lives today.  In fact, quite often it is this decision that has a direct effect on the quality of our happiness today. 

Let's take a closer look at Yesterday. Yesterday started out as a beautiful and perfect day just like today. It had all the potential of today, yet stuff happened during the day, some of it wonderful, some exciting and some of it unpleasant., but one thing about yesterday - it had just 24 hours.  Try as we might, we cannot re-live those 24 hours, we do not get a do-over, or a play-again.  No amount of regret, remorse or resentment can change what happened during those 24 hours.  Not even when we spend all of today's 24hours on re-living or re-thinking what happened yesterday, can we change a single thing about yesterday.  Good or bad, joyful or sad, it is done and dusted.  We can paste the memories in an album, we can count the scars or the gold stars, we can tick the day off on a calender and we can learn from yesterday, but we cannot alter it.  Yet, that is what most of us do.  We feverishly hold onto yesterday and all its moments.  We worry about every decision we made, agitate over every action we took and in the process, we end up with a half-lived today which leads to yet more regrets.

It is time to forgive yesterday.  Look at it for what it is.  It is a day made up out of a mixture of good and bad, happy and sad moments.  It may be filled with precious memories or just a few little moments of everyday things to treasure, it may also have some moments in it that we never want to repeat again. It also has lessons to be learned from, opportunities for growth and enlightenment for our days ahead.  So, learn from it, remember the wonderful moments, but also forgive it and forgive yourself!  

Make a decision that 2015 will be the year where yesterday will no longer ruin today or rule over tomorrow.  Yesterday is a series of photographs in your memory book, but it is no longer a banner across your life, you are not your past, you are, however, the decisions you make about your past.

May you have the courage to embrace this day and LIVE it!!!

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