Saturday, 6 August 2016

Thou shalt not wear white shoes.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

All of society is governed by rules.  From the minute we are born we are subjected to rules, laws and policies.  Our parents teach us from very young how to live and act, first of all according to their own house rules and later according to the norms of society and the laws of the country.  Most laws and rules are written down, but there are also many rules that are unwritten, yet accepted by society as the norm guiding our behavior.

Rules are very important to a society as a whole, but equally important to us as individuals.  Rules first of all helps to keep us safe from harm, ourselves and others.  Without rules there would be no civilization and we would live in chaos.  Rules help to give order and structure to our society and guide our behaviour.  A nation without rules and the governance of those rules will be a lawless nation and we would all be at risk in such a society.

However, it is important to have balance in life.  It is important to understand the differences between the different rules we have guiding our lives.  It is vital to understand that there are rules and laws which should be obeyed at all costs.  Those are the rules which protect the sanctity of life, those that are there to ensure our safety and which makes our society a safe place for all its citizens.  These rules are the ones protecting us from chaos and anarchy.  
However, we  also get rules that we have set for ourselves or have been set by others in our society.  In fact we sometimes have so many rules that if we were to obey all of them we will be so exhausted that we will have no life left in us to live!

For instance, heaven forbid if a woman over sixty were to buy herself a leather outfit and a Harley Davidson!  Her friends would surely suffer from shock.  Imagine the horror if you were to wear red to a wedding!!! Who does that?  Uhm,  only all of the best dressed in Hollywood!  Even worse - a middle aged woman taking off her shoes and dancing through the puddles like a five year old?  Definitely not the done thing, all the high society ladies would whisper about it.  We have so many rules and preconceives ideas about what is proper or not.  No wonder the disciples were so horrified at Jesus having dinner with the sinners!

Well, it's Woman's Month and I have some awesome news!!!  You may shock your friends and family!!  You may step outside the box.  It is perfectly okay to let your hair down and dance even if the world is watching.  Do not allow other people and their narrow rules of decorum stifle the beautiful soul you are.  You have one life, you have THIS life and the only rule is to live life to the fullest.  You have been created to be fearfully and wonderfully you-nique !!!Break those boundaries, colour completely outside and over the lines, toss out your sensible shoes and fly off with the butterflies!!!!

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