Sunday, 4 February 2018

Restore...Renew Week 4, Day 7: Review

As the day draws to a close, so it is also the end of our four week Restore...Renew Program.  It is time to review these past four week and ask ourselves what the program has meant.  Is there anything that I might want to take with me into the rest of the year, a new habit I may want to cultivate or something new I want to implement in my life?  Most people dream of change, many people plan to make changes but real change only happens when we make a decision and then DO it.  Taking action is the only way to turn our hopes and dreams into reality.  Through the four weeks we have looked at challenges which have addressed seven key areas of our lives - Nutrition, Physical health, Our Environment, Intellect, Technology, Creativity and Spirituality.  It asked of us to make small changes.  What small changes have you made?  Remember, small changes made continually end with big results.  Go through the program tonight and write down which of the challenges spoke directly to you, the vision you have for your life and the dreams you have for yourself for 2018.  Now make the decision to take action right now to commit to one of these changes/challenges for the rest of the year.  Feel free to share with me what action you have committed yourself too.  I wish you all the best for 2018, may this be YOUR year of being AWESOME!

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