Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Oh my Word!

I have said this before "I love words.  I love the way they feel in my mouth, on my tongue, the weight they carry.  The way they can be sweet, or heavy or sometimes just a gossamer whisper slipping over my lips." (Post "Words have Wings 02/02/2015)
It is the primary way of communication in a civilized world.  Words are thoughts expressed in sound patterns.  Ideas are brought to light through the words we speak.  Parents eagerly wait for their baby's first word, and note it down in the baby book.  It is a major achievement.  Most people love to talk and to converse with their friends, family and colleagues. Words tumble effortlessly from our lips.
However, the older I grow the more I start to value something else. More than words, I love the actions behind the words.
Words without the action to back them up are meaningless and useless.  They are like empty shells scattered on a beach.  They may be pretty to look at and beautiful to hear but they have no substance.  They are unable to change anything, they create nothing but expectations and their end result is nothing but disappointment.
When our words and actions are out of sync we gain the reputation of being at the very least a yaysayer and at worst a liar, and we lose any integrity we might have had.  Words tell people who we would like them to believe we are, but it will always be our actions which will show people who we really are.  It is our actions which gives form, substance, comfort and hope to our words.  Our actions give true meaning to words such as "I love you" and "I am sorry".  Spoken promises become reality through the actions which back them.
Let us be careful with our words, let us not waste them on idle chatter, senseless gossip and meaningless promises.  Let us be men and women of our word.

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