Thursday, 13 June 2019

A Little Goes A Long Way

So far this month we have incorporated a daily relaxing walk into our wellness goals for June and we are going to bed an hour earlier.  We have also planned our next getaway and found our go-to phrase.  We have learned it is okay to treat ourselves and to say "no".  How are you doing with these?  Well, it is a work in progress for sure.  Today I would like to encourage you to make exercise a part of your routine.  Wait a minute, before you bemoan the fact that you do not have time, let me point out that you do not need to spend hours in a gym or start training for a marathon.  Just ten minutes of exercise will already be a huge improvement and will get your heart pumping.

Most exercise guru's will tell you that you need at least thirty minutes three times a week to benefit from exercise, but with today's hectic lifestyle and work demands it is hard to find the time.  However, instead of not doing any exercise, rather concentrate on just ten minutes a day, five times a week.  You will be amazed at how easily you can incorporate this into your daily routine and the benefits will astound you.

Let us have a look at your day.  Before you take your shower, put on some dance music and dance for ten minutes.  Your mood will lift and you will feel invigorated and happy.  Do you drive to work or take the bus?  Well, begin by stopping a block or two further from the office and take a brisk walk.  Do you take the elevator or escalator?  Use the stairs instead.  Even better, during your lunch break, walk up and down the stairs for ten minutes.  Do you have a load of e-mails to get through?  While you read through them have some weights at hand and do bicep curls, alternating arms, for ten minutes.  When you talk on the phone, instead of sitting down, do some squats or lunges.

Make sure you add some variety to your work-out routine.  On Mondays you could dance for ten minutes before your shower.  It will be  a great way to banish the Monday Blues.  On Tuesdays you could do the stair routine while on Wednesdays you can work out your arms by lifting boxes of paper, do bicep curls and lateral raises with your paper weights.  Arm kick-backs are great for your triceps.  Thursdays you could concentrate your ten minutes on your legs by doing squats, lunges and calf-raises.  Wind down your week's routine by taking a brisk walk on Friday during your lunch break, doing speed window shopping- a great way to see beautiful things but not lingering long enough to go in and spend your hard-earned cash.  How is that for getting your exercise AND saving money!

Voila!  Every week you will be getting fitter and healthier.  Remember that exercise, even just ten minutes a day, helps to strengthen your muscles and your bones.  It is good for your cardio-vascular system and a wonderful way to boost your mood and self-esteem.

What are you waiting for?  Seize the moment and Just Do It!

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