Monday, 19 August 2019

Blowing in the Wind

It's quite a windy day in August.  Just when we thought the day was going to be as clear as Spring with beautiful blue skies, nature reminded us that it can be quite fickle, and surprised us some with a blustering day. Most of the people I know cannot wait for the winter to pass and I myself long for the warmer days, especially when I walk into my deep-freeze kitchen.  However, it is sad that in the process we do not appreciate the beauty which makes each season a period to be treasured.
There is a serenity in an August landscape.  Beautiful, bare trees are bending in the gusts and wind swept clouds are moving across the sky.  The wind tossing my hair and whipping at my clothes actually invigorates my thoughts.
So often we are so focused on what comes next that the beauty of today, this moment, slips by us unnoticed.  Often we are wrapped up in the past with its pain and failures that we pay little attention to the present.  Even our worries about the future rob us of the simple pleasures to be found in this moment.  Every moment is a capsule of perfection and every breath a miracle.  We are surrounded by beauty.  Petals dancing in the wind, the dust motes floating in a beam of sunlight, the curl of a kitten's tail against your leg and the smell of freshly turned earth are all precious moments of beauty which pass by unnoticed in our rush to get to the next important thing.  Yes, maybe we are going through a hardship at the present moment, and it seems impossible to find any joy right now.  We pray for this moment to pass in order to get to a better time.  Yet somehow, even in the darkest hour, a moment of gratefulness can be found, if only in the thought that I still have a breath left, that this, too, shall pass. Maybe in hardship the beauty is the memories of good times, a hand holding mine or a prayer said by a loved one.
Maybe the beauty of this blustery day is the seeds carried on the wind to a new place of re-birth.  Maybe it is in the moments we linger just a little longer over a cup of coffee, savouring its heat, and noticing these glimpses of beauty that is best enjoyed at the very moment they are happening.  Maybe we should all take a deep breath, feel how it fills up our lungs and feel the warmth of it as it flows over our lips.  Just for a moment forget where you have to be in the next five minutes or what you have to cook for supper, just be present in the moment and observe, really see, where you are right now.  Do you feel the fabric of the chair you are sitting on, do you hear the hum of the florescent light and the smell of coffee brewing?  Do you hear the laughter of your teenage daughter as she talks on the phone to her best friend or feel the warmth of your puppy snuggled against you?  Don't let the moment pass by unnoticed.  Be aware of it and treasure it.  Be alive right now and be blessed. 

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