Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year


And so, midnight came, accompanied by the loud booms and flashes of (illegal) fireworks.  The New Year has arrived.  It's a brand new year, a year many people have been impatient to get to, their hopes focused on the idea that 2020 can now be left behind with everything which made it less pleasant.  Bright sparks and colourful smoke filled the night sky and down our street shouts of merriment could be heard intermingled with the sounds of barking.  A New Year is always a festive occasion and not even the lockdown could totally damped the people's spirit.

This reminds me of Christmas.  My granddaughter is now at the age where she can really start to enjoy this special time.  Her eyes sparkled as she waited for the moment she could start opening her gifts.  However, it was not the toys with the buzzing sounds and bright twirling lights that excited her.  She adored the little bug cage which her aunt and uncle got her.  She could hardly wait for the next morning to go out to the veld to look for butterflies.  As soon as it was light enough she dragged her uncle off in search of the insects.  A while later they returned and with great excitement she proudly showed off her find.  It was a Brown-Veined White Butterfly.  She was fascinated by the tiny creature with its delicate wings.  After studying it for a while, they set it free again.  A lepidopterist has been born.

The new year may have started with a bang and a burst of fireworks, but my wish for us this year is that we will find joy in the little things.  That we will take time to discover the wonder in the ordinary and in those things we hardly take the time to notice.  May we look at everything around us with the sense of wonder that children have. May we appreciate the simple wonder of waking up to a new day and find delight in the smiles on our loved ones' faces.  Let us be ready to look for beauty around us, and the beauty within others.  The bright flashes of fireworks last for a few seconds only, but true happiness is never found in material things.  It is experienced with the heart and an open mind ready to discover beauty and joy.

May you be blessed with a spirit of wonder this year. Happy 2021.

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