Monday, 1 March 2021

Lesson 1 - Have a sandwich

 This beautiful Autumn day with its clear blue skies takes me back many years.  This time of the year has always been my favourite.  There is a scent in the air that is unique to Autumn and the air against my skin feels crisp and exciting.  I reminds me of days spent on my bicycle, riding from park to park with my best friend, playing on the swings and dreaming dreams of dashing pirates and damsels in distress.  Telling tales of romantic castles and imagining galloping through the field on wild horses. My purple chopper bicycle was the finest steed of all the Arabian horses. I taste again the ice-cold chocolate milk and thickly sliced peanut-butter sandwiches my mom had made.  
What wonderful company childhood memories are.  I long to live again with such an abandon, such a carefree spirit. A time of teenage turbulence, yet looking back it was the finest of times, safely cocooned in a loving home, the smell of my mom's home-cooking and the sound of my dad's laughter.

As all these memories come flooding in, I have decided to take the time this month to look at what lessons I can learn from my younger self. 
The first thing we can learn from children is their sense of wonder.  Life is a big adventure to them.  My granddaughter has recently started walking, and when I look at her face I see such excitement to just get to point B.  Even when she thumps down, she gets up on wobbly little legs and eagerly stumbles forward, her eyes shining with excitement.  All because of that sense of wonder.  Everything is new and exciting.  Everyday is another new beginning.

In a sense, that is the one thing I have kept from my childhood.  I am a great believer in fresh starts.  I relish new beginnings and clean slates.  Every new year, every new month and every new day is to me like this amazing present just waiting to be opened.  Last month I also had this excitement of a new month, granted it did not turn out so amazing, because there was still some unfinished business dragging along into the next month.  Some of it will most likely still drag into this month too, but I am fine with it.  Last month I had to learn that sometimes there are villains out there who lie, cheat and deceive with such uncanny ease that it will leave your mind spinning.  So this month I have decided that I am done.  They owe me money and I am sure, that because of their nature, they will most likely try to cheat me out of it, but that will be on them.  They are the ones that will have to live with that.  This is a new time, a fresh moment and it is to be lived, treasured and enjoyed.

Keeping one's sense of wonder is an important part of being happy in the moment.  It makes us look at life with expectant eyes and allows us to relish every little moment of miracle.  We can revel in the way the sunlight falls through the window, the twitter of birds in the trees and even the rhythmic swish-swish of a broom sweeping the leaves together.  

Go, on, make yourself a peanut-butter sandwich and enjoy the sweet-salty taste of it on your tongue.  Forget about calories and gluten, forget about your worries and just be alive in this perfect moment.

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