Thursday, 8 July 2021

Law of Attraction 2

We are still talking about the law of attraction. One of the great things about the law of attraction is that it always comes with a choice. We can choose what we want to attract in our lives. It is not random. What we think and what actions we take determines what we will attract and manifest in our lives.

 In the last post, I proposed that you examine your thoughts. I asked you to identify your negative thoughts and to ask yourself three crucial questions about these thoughts. Whatever your answer is to the first question, yes or no, leads you to the second question.

It is essential to identify our negative thinking and what triggers our negative thoughts. Once we are clear about it, we can proceed to change these negative thoughts for positive ones.  

For example, 'I don't deserve anything good' change it to 'I deserve to be happy and successful.'

Change 'I am not worthy'  to 'My life is valuable.'

Do this with every negative thought. Jot it down and repeat this to yourself every day.

Fill your thoughts with daily positive affirmations. Speak them out loud. Believe them and take action.

A positive mindset improves our mood, boosts our feeling of well-being, and it helps to reduce stress. Positive people feel less frustrated and have more energy. It increases our ability to be more productive and recognize opportunities.

Have a wonderful day, and keep practicing your positive affirmations.


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