Monday, 9 September 2013

Come on, do it!!

My dad was very special.  He taught me so many wonderful and wise things.  One of these was about how to treat others. 
He would take me along to the post office.  Quite a drab place filled with drab and sombre looking people waiting in long drab queues helped by weary tellers with solemn faces behind dusty glass panes.  He was on a mission.  We were agents with an agenda.  His mission was not only to collect a parcel or buy stamps or send off a letter, no, it was to see if he could turn somebody's frown into a smile, even if it was for five minutes.  While waiting we would take guesses as to which one of the tellers would be the one to help us, then he would describe the type of day she/he might be having that might have put the glum look upon the person's face.  He would tell me to watch closely at the transformation that woulfd take place.  He told me that a real smile would always start in the eyes first.
It always filled me with wonder to see how he would work his magic and invariably, by the time my dad finished his transactions, the teller would be laughing, a drab day transformed.  My dad believed in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If you would like somebody to give you a smile, give them one first.  It has become a principle my sister and I have lived our lives by and we have passed this on to our children as well.  It not only works its magic in other peoples' lives but in out own too.  I am all the richer for it.  I get the same thrill today as I did as a little girl, to see how a smile creeps out from a serious face and spreads all over the person's face, and then to see, when I walk away, how that smile gets passed onto the next cusomer in line.  It is like gazing at a butterfly.  One cannot look at a butterfly without being touched by its beauty, without a feeling of delight spreading through ones essence.
This week I encourage you to go out and do unto others how you wish they would do to you, whatever that might be.  Maybe it is to forgive a long time friend, maybe it is to invite somebody for a cup of coffee, or paying their parking meter?  Whatever it is, just imagine that you are doing it for yourself and do it.  At the very least you would leave some astounded people behind!!
Remember this: no smile, no kind word or tender touch is ever wasted.  It always returns back to you with interest. 
If you flutter by here, please share with us what it is you have done to somebody that you would have them do unto you.  I would love to hear your story!!!


  1. Your Father sounds like a special man. I remember my dad, too. He would take my brother and I fishing once a month, and as we sat there waiting for a bite he would teach us all the old folk songs. Today my children teach these same songs to their children.
    Thanks for a lovely post.
    Sue Smythe

    1. What a special memory and tradition!!