Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Raining Butterflies

It is a glorious spring day with just a bite of winter still nipping at my heels just to remind me to be grateful for the new season with its warming weather. The birds are twittering and flying everywhere, basking in the sunlight. Its as if I am stepping out of a state of hibernation into a place of wonder. I want to get my hands dirty with soil, and plant bright flowers everywhere (not that I would know what I am doing!!). I feel like dancing in the rain ( of which we have not seen any yet!) so the next best thing would be the shower!!
I remember how much I loved playing in the rain as a child, and it is actually so sad that as adults we are so worried about our hairdo, catching a cold or what the neighbours would say that the rain passes us by! It is one of the little joys of life that are totally free and there for everyone to enjoy! So many things in life we pass up for these silly reasons, like singing at the top of our lungs or dancing with total abandon, so scared somebody would play adjudicator and send us packing off the stage.
When last did you dance in the rain, or sing to the beat of your favourite artist? When last did you play air guitar or just spontaneously hugged somebody? When last did you do something totally silly, not caring what the world might say? So what if they laugh? At least you did something to momentarily remove that sour look from their faces!
I invite, encourage, no- I dare you!! Go out today, sing, dance, laugh to your hearts content, make somebody smile, today!!! Be as surprizing as the sight of butterflies raining down would be!

Please share with us what you did today, or this week to make somebody smile!! I am looking forward to your comment.


  1. Not done intentionally to make others smile...but through the summer I have been going to the local coffee shop each Tues and Thurs evenings and making 3-5 index card sized artworks. Every time I'm there at least one customer stops to look at what I'm doing and leaves with a smile... (and it's not that the art is wow-that's-amazingly-professional quality...just that it's colorful and bold)

    1. Oh, that is so wonderful, Jill, I would love to see them, befriend me via facebook and post them there. The greatest reward is to see a smile on somebody's face and knowing that you helped to put it there! :D