Friday, 5 September 2014

365 Day Creativity Challenge!!!

Are you ready?
Grab your art supplies, grab some paper, pens, glue, knitting needles, wool or grab your camera!!! The 365 day, 30 minutes a day Creativity Challenge is here!!!  It does not matter what medium you choose or what you decide to do with your 30 minutes a day of creativity as long as you DO it and share it with me and the rest of the participants.
Every Friday I will post the prompts for the next 7 days here on my blog on the "Art Challenge 365" Page as well as on my FB page .  All you have to do is send me a friend request and then post your  7 days of art/craft on my FB page every Friday.
I hope you will be joining me in this challenge.  It gives you a legitimate reason to commit to 30 minutes a day creating. It's YOUR time.  It's your opportunity to be as messy or creative or experimental as YOU want to be.  No rules, or judgements, no masterpieces, just FUN!!


  1. looking forward to seeing the prompts for this weeks challenge :)

    1. The prompts for week 3 are posted.
      15. Seascape
      17.3 Colours
      18. Rose
      19. Cat
      20. Farm
      21. Bird on a wire

      Have FUN!!!!!