Friday, 26 June 2015


Have you noticed how people are so quick to complain?  Within five minutes of starting a conversation with somebody, they would start complaining.  From the weather to the government and on to the latest disaster to strike the world. The saying goes, "misery loves company", therefore, soon, everyone within earshot of the conversation is ready to give their gloomy take on life and its troubles too.  It is sad that we are so ready to see the dark side of every situation.  It is like we are living in a glass bubble of despair and we have a distorted view of the world.  We are so wrapped up in negativity that we cannot see the rainbow, the beauty in a smile and the sheer wonder of just being able to breathe.  We are trapped in our own bleak perception of life.  The result of this is that we cannot break free or move forward, because this outlook drains us of our energy and the will to move on.  It not only affects us, but it also influences other people around us.  It becomes a black hole ready to devour us all.  The good news is that we can change this behaviour.  All it takes is to change our point of view.  We have to take our eyes off the problems and the circumstances surrounding us and focus it on our blessings, our everyday little joys and the beauty around us just waiting to be discovered.  When we raise our eyes beyond the mundane, our spirits are raised up too.  We are invigorated by happiness and hope.  Our lungs fill with praise and our eyes come alive with joy.  When we fill our lives with positivity, we become infectious with happiness.  The ripple effect of it touches everyone we come into contact with.  Then it is easy to find a reason to be thankful and it does not matter whether the glass is half full or half empty.  When we look for reasons to be happy we are sure to find it.  Happiness is not something elusive or unobtainable, it is also not dependent on external factors, it comes from within us.  Raise up your eyes, spread your wings and rejoice!

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