Monday, 20 July 2015

What Do You See?

We all know that Life is a gift.
A gift is something we receive with no price tag attached and we receive it undeservedly.  It is given voluntarily with no exchange required.  Small or big, it is precious, valued because of the intent behind it.  It is to be treasured.  Life is to be treasured.
Yet, to me, life is much more than a gift.  A gift normally implies that I do not have a choice in the matter, as most of us do not go around telling people what to give to us.  We have very little control over what the gift is that we unwrap.  Of course, that is part of the excitement when we receive a gift - the anticipation of something wonderful.  The thing with gifts are that we all have certain expectations when we receive a gift.  Secretly we hope that it will be the exact thing we have been hoping for, that little something we would like to buy for ourselves, but never have the money for.  So, even as adults, we are filled with a sense of wonder as we unwrap the prettily decorated gift and open it up.
However, sometimes our expectations are not met.  We might already have a bottle opener, or the thought of putting on a pair of neon green socks, is just too much to get excited about. Sometimes Life is like that.  It is not what we expected it to be.  Therefore, to view Life merely as a gift, however wonderful, implies that we do not have much of a choice in the matter.  People tend to think that this is the hand Life dealt me and they must sit back and take it.  However, Life is so much more than a gift.  Life is a choice.  The gift of Life is a choice.
Let's for a moment take a look at those neon socks which you unwrapped.  Maybe your first reaction to their intense colour is one of shock and dismay, and after your initial effort of keeping a look of genuine pleasure on your face whilst exclaiming about the joys of neon coloured socks, you secretly plan to throw them into the nearest rubbish bin.  But wait a minute, before you do that, take a look at the choices this gift presents to you.  You can throw them away or you could celebrate the fact that with their vivid colour, you will definitely be visible when running at night.  You could also use them as mittens and know exactly where your hands are when you try to drink something during power shedding when the moon is low on wattage too.  You could use them for funky dusters, or you can pass them on to somebody else as a gift and enjoy their reaction as they unwrap these delightful socks.  Of course, you could also have them framed and have them as a conversation starter above your fireplace.  So many choices.  It is all a matter of vision.  It is not WHAT we are given, but HOW we look at what we are given.  What can I learn from this gift?  What is the message behind it?  It is not the gift that is bad, but it is our perception which makes it good or bad.
I remember how we as children would take the discarded cellophane wrappers of the chocolates and look through them.  Some of the wrappers were pink, others green or orange.  I loved the purple ones.  I loved how everything would take on the colour of the wrapper I was looking through.  It is the same with the gift of Life.  How we perceive Life depends on through what colour glasses we view it.  Do I see the good or the bad?  Do I see a worm or do I see the potential of the caterpillar?  Do I see the beauty of the butterfly?
When we stop looking at Life with tunnel vision it is amazing to find how Life unfolds into a world of amazing opportunities and wonder. When we widen our vision, we open ourselves up to be surprised.  We open ourselves up to the full spectrum of Life's rainbow.
So, how about it?  What will you see today? With what colour glasses will you view your gift today?


  1. Hi Charri! I always read your posts and am always amazed at how your thoughts are so in synch with mine :) This post is right up my alley too. I so agree with you - it is all a matter of perception and how we look at things. And how we look at things is our own choice. If we don't like something, we can choose to look at it differently. It really is that simple.

    1. Hi, Alison! It's always nice to hear from you. Yes, it is such a simple truth, yet we tend to forget it so easily.
      Have a wonderful day,