Saturday, 1 August 2015

Heart of a Lion

The first of August.  How this year just flew past!  According to the Zodiac, August is the month of the lion.  As I lay cuddling with my husband for a few extra minutes this morning, I pondered this magnificent animal.  Lions are strong and very powerful.  They are known as the king of the animal kingdom.  Lions are proud and have an air of royalty about them.  Most people are filled with awe when they observe these extraordinary beasts.  Yet, we are intensely aware of the danger they pose to us and other creatures.  Lions are extremely aggressive and possessive.  Even when satiated, they can kill swiftly when they feel threatened. They rule their territory with absolute authority.  Instinctively, the other animals know this, and avoid crossing paths with this huge kitty-cat.  
Often, we as humans, exhibit the spirit of a lion - aggressive, ready to fight and devour those around us.  We are intolerant and unforgiving.  Our anger can be fierce and with devastating results.  We are usually unable to be strong and powerful, yet tempered with kindness.  Being meek and mild is often misconstrued as weakness and therefore we feel it is a trait not to be cultivated.  At no cost must we appear weak.  However, in our lives, the spirit of the lion can wreak havoc on relationships, our work environment and social encounters.  We scratch, bite and hunt down whoever offends us, we rip them apart, often mortally wounding them emotionally.  Those who suffer are usually those who dared come the closest to us.  
The sad news is, that as long as we walk around like angry lions, there can be no peace.  To have peace in our lives, the wildness of the lion within us needs to be tamed.  We need to surrender our fighting spirit and our pride, and we have to stop devouring each other.  We have to learn tolerance.  We have to reach out to others with a gentle spirit.  Within each of us there is the spirit of a roaring lion and a gentle dove.  It comes down once again to choices.  Which is the spirit which we allow to rule?  There is a quote I love, unfortunately I do not know who said it, but I would like to share it with you:

"Only A Fool Mistakes Kindness For Weakness. 

There Is A Heart Of A Lion Within The Spirit Of A Lamb. 

Grace Is Selfless Strength."

When we learn to control our tempers, our reactions, and put ourselves under the control of the Lord, the scripture we read about in Isaiah will come true in our own lives.  The wolf will lie down with the lamb and the lion with the calf and the yearling.  Our lives will be lived in harmony beyond others' understanding.

           Isaiah 11:6 (NIV)

"The wolf will live with the lamb,

    the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the [yearlinga] together;
    and a little child will lead them."


  1. Fantasties en so waar/Fabulous writing and so very true!!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Blessings to you,

  2. My husband is a Leo - the lion description suits him to a tee! Lol!

    1. Haha! Yes, these Leo's are quite distinct!