Monday, 6 April 2020

Lock-Down, Day 11 - A Simple Life

I think that there are very few people on this earth who have not been affected by the current Covid-19 situation.  When we switch on the radio or TV we are bombarded by the newest stats and endless discussions about the virus.  Every part of society has been affected by it.  Many countries are in various stages of lock-down.  However, despite the obvious difficulties, the current situation is not totally devoid of good.  For one thing, we are learning how to reconnect with our families and our loved ones.  For many people it is the time to reassess their lives, their marriages, their families and their priorities.  Despite the stress life has become simpler.

Living a simpler life has many advantages.  When we live simply we tend to take better care of ourselves and our loved ones.  We are healthier and less stressed.  We have more time to reconnect with other people and less stuff to take care of.

So, how does one live more simply?  Here are five areas where 
I thought I should de-clutter:

1. My Time
Our diaries are often so full that every line has been filled in.  Meetings at such and such a time, committees we have to attend, church events we have to organize, the PTA, the community fundraiser, etc, etc.  
our time is spread as thin as the butter on an end-of-the-month toast!  In fact, our Time account is seriously in the red.  If this is true for you, then you have to take a hard look at all your commitments.  Weigh each one up against your core values and those of your family.  Is it really important to serve on the committee of Better-Gardens-For-Badgers or would the time be better spent going on a picnic with your children?  Cut down on all the commitment which are not in line with your values.

2. My Possessions
This is a tough one as we all tend to be very attached to our possessions.  However, do I really need towels in every shade of the rainbow and more?  Could I maybe donate some to the homeless shelter or perhaps send them to the charity that makes teddy bears from scrap fabric?  It is amazing what the effect is upon the psyche when you start to de-clutter your personal space.  You suddenly discover the joy of living with less.

3. My Thoughts
Every action starts with a thought.  A thought not only gives birth to an action, but it also conjures up emotions.  Emotions such as fear, hatred or bitterness clutter up our lives and poison our minds.  Therefore it is important to rid our thoughts of negativity, to learn to forgive and to forget.  We must replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and ideas.

4. My Goals
This is one I really have trouble with!  There are so many things which I would like to do and things that I am interested in.  However, it is important to make a list of your goals and then to pick the two you would most like , or benefit from, to accomplish.  Having too many goals to achieve is like trying to shoot at a target with a shotgun.  You might hit it, but you are more likely to make a mess of it.  When you choose fewer goals you will be more focused and have a greater success rate.  Once you have accomplished one of your goals you can get another one to take its place.

5.  My Want-To-Have List
Another difficult one.  Especially if you view shopping as therapy!  It is great to shop, but in all honesty, do I really need another vase, another black skirt, another set of glasses, etc?  The answer is clear and concise: No.  End of story.  Now, to just get THAT into my head.

And then I realized...
watching another news bulletin,

"more than 70 000 people have lost their lives to the virus"

living simply is wonderful, it is a gift

no meetings or committees means I have more time with my family, my husband;
I have more than enough, I have a roof over my head, a warm bed, a bath, enough to eat;
I have love in my heart and I am overwhelmed by gratefulness;
my goal is simply this, to live a simple live with kindness
and I have want for nothing more than family, friends, health, love and joy. 

Be blessed, dear readers.

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