Monday, 8 October 2012

Almost Time....

I always knew this day will come.  The beautiful butterfly that I have in the glass jar is ready to leave, to fly into the blue beyond.  I've watched it emerge from its cocoon.  I've looked on while it unfurled its wings, and gently I've helped it stretch them out.  Anxiously I have watched as slowly it tested the strength of its wings and took longer and longer trips away from its haven.
Then one day I found her sitting on the edge of the jar, wings quivering with excitement and I knew she was preparing for her final flight away from me, ready to start out a new life, a new adventure on her journey.  How I secretly wished I could screw the lid back in place, keep her with me for ever, but of course when we love something or someone, we want to share its beauty with the world, see it fly free and joyfully, see it become all it has been destined to be.  So I did not put the lid back, instead I tied a million prayers to her wings.  I put the jar out on the windowsill where it would always be visible when my butterfly passes my window and know that at any time she can return for a rest, a refill, before she once again returns to her new home.
Soon, too soon, my butterfly will take to the sky, I count the days with sadness, but with pride, for she is the most precious of butterflies and her heart has so much joy to give.  She also counts the days, with elation, the long awaited flight is near, a wonderful life awaits.
Have I equipped her with all she will need on her journey?  Have I loved her well enough?  Will the winds be gentle with her?  Only time will tell.
I place her now gently on my fingertips as they are folded in prayer and I whisper to her:  Fly, my little butterfly, my love will always be the wind beneath your wings, and my prayers are only a thought away.  It is almost time.....

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  1. As excited as I am for my new journey, I am just as nervous. Nervous about all the new, unknown adventures that await, nervous about if I will be able to remember everything you have taught me. Yes, you have equipped me with more than enough and you have loved me abundantly. I will always be your little butterfly and I love you dearly and more than you can imagine. You have been the best role model for me and I hope that I can make you proud.

    1. Thank you for your post, my Sweetest! I am so proud of you already!!! Hard to believe it is just another 39 days!!!
      Love you!!!!!!