Wednesday, 17 October 2012

For the Love of Handbags

I simply love handbags, all shapes, colours and sizes.  I am not much of a brand name person, but cute and funky play a big role when it comes to the choice of handbag.  My mom once said to me that she is only dressed once she picks up her handbag to go.  A woman's handbag is her treasure trove, her absolute must have, her security blanket. 
Throughout her life the contents of her handbag will be a reflection of what is currently happening in her life.  It bears witness to her activities and status, her hopes and dreams, her fears and worries.  Take a peek into any teenage girl's handbag and you will most definitely find lip gloss and extra length mascara,  the business woman will have an assortment of pens, lipstick and anti-perspirant while a mommy will have a spare pacifier, wet wipes, plasters, etc.
Whether her handbag is a top of the range designer handbag or a many season, floppy and faded saddlebag, they all have one thing in common, they contain  every woman's individual survival kit.  It is with this thought in mind that I decided to take a closer look at mine this morning and share it here with you. This is what I found and I realised that these are the must have items every woman should have:

Sunglasses - so that you can always walk on the sunny side of the street.
Lipstick - so that you can always have a ready smile to cheer up somebody's day.
Nail file - to smooth life's rough edges.
Tissues - to comfort those who need comforting
Hairbrush - to brush the cobwebs from your mind and keep your thoughts ordered.
Pen -  to write beautiful words on people's hearts, the memory of which cannot be erased.
Ear buds - so that your ears can really listen to what others say, to hear their cries of distress.
Cello tape - to keep all the broken pieces together, to mend hearts.
Ointment - for life's unexpected hurts, and to keep negativity from infecting your thoughts.
Sweeties - to keep your memories sweet, to leave a pleasant taste when people say your name.
Salt - because we are the salt of the earth.
Hand cream - so that we can always treat people with kindness and a gentle touch.
Perfume - so we can leave a pleasant fragrance behind wherever we have been.

Yes, a handbag tells much about the character of a woman, I read somewhere that they say a woman is as complex as the contents of her handbag.  Have a look at the contents in your handbag today and look for the message your subconscious mind has been telling you, how you can use it to bless others.

If you flutter by here,  share the contents of your handbag with us and what you think it tells you..  Just click on the words "no comments" or "1 comment " and follow the link.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. I also love handbags, the bigger, the better, my husband always teases me about it, but I always end up carry all his stuff in my handbag as well! My must-have item in my bag is sunblock, I never go anywhere without it.
    Thank you for your positive blog, I enjoy it.

    1. Thank you, Alison, for commenting on my post, I appreciate it. Excellent idea to have sunblock in your bag, I am often caught without it.

  2. How nice to look at ones handbag items in this way. I always have a notebook and pen in my handbag, I guess you can say it is important to record the beauty of life every moment. Thank you for your blog. Have Happiness,

    1. Yes, it is important to write down life's wonderful moments. Anthony Robbins says that a life worth living is worth recording.

  3. What a wonderful list to have in your handbag!
    I always have a pair of reading glasses in my handbag....the other day I bought a size 38 pants (did not try it on in the store) because without my glasses, the 8 of 38 seemed to be a 4 of 34,he-he!
    Then I must have lipstick and lip balm, I cannot endure dry lips!
    Also many kinds of nonsense,which I must stop ,because I can never find what I'm looking for in my over full bag!
    When my husband is with me, I must put all his keys, cellphone, whatever, in my bag...... amazing that he can carry all these things with him when I'm not at his side???
    But your list, Charri, of what we need 'spiritually', tops all else, thank you for making me think about what I carry along with me xxx

    1. Haha! A good question, where does he put all that stuff! Hope you could return the pants?
      Reading glasses are good to have in ones bag, so that we can clearly see the path the Lord wants us to follow.
      Have a blessed week,
      Charri xxx