Saturday, 29 December 2012


Another year is almost done, it rushed past in such a flurry.  What hopes and dreams did we not have for it?  Plans that this year we will do this or that.  This year would be the perfect year, this year I will get it just right.  This year I will be perfect.  Noble and high ideals, but chances are, we did not get it all right, plans did not work out as we hoped, we had to adapt, change course, take a different route.  We might look back at the year and feel like a failure, because once again my dream only gathered dust, yet again I had to accept something less than perfect.  If you feel like that, then this is just for you, just for me.  Life is after all what happens when we make other plans.  Life is not perfect, in fact, it is seriously flawed, but it is exactly in that flawed state where we find such wonders, such inspiration and excitement.  It is the eternal hope that life can indeed be better, more perfect, that keeps as going, that help us to reach out to our dreams.
The world that we live in has us believe that only perfection is good enough, only the flawless is beautiful, and only precision is acceptable.  Wonderful ideals, but the reality is simply this, nothing in life is ever absolutely perfect and as long as that is our measuring tool we will always fall short, be disappointed and deflated.  It is time that we look past our ideas of perfection and enjoy all of life with its imperfections and flaws.  Instead of looking at what you did not get right, look at what you did achieve.  Instead of moping about what you did not get done, celebrate the process of trying.  Instead of being bitter about what you did not receive, count the unexpected blessings that came your way.
We get so bogged down in our quest for perfection that we do not notice the whispered blessings of soft rain on a wedding day, we miss out on the giving heart of a simple man, we walk past the beggar not caring about his beautiful smile wishing us a "Merry Christmas".  We are so intolerant of everything less than perfection that we immediately start to change the people in our lives to be acceptable to us, according to our standards, our "perfect" ways.
My wish for this new year is that we will all start noticing the perfection in the imperfectness all around us, it is okay to love somebody with flaws, to aim for the stars and be slightly off target.  It's okay to cry, to feel hurt, to sometimes throw your toys out of the cot.  It is really okay to err, life carries on, and if we are blessed we get another change to try.  The only way we can avoid making mistakes is by doing nothing and what a waste such a life would be......

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  1. I am a recovering perfectionist, yes, it really is a disease!! It has taken me 42 years to realise that I am not only making myself sick, but everyone around me too.
    Thank you for this post,
    Jennifer Houton

    1. Thanx for your comment, may you make a full recovery! :D

  2. Hallo Charri,
    Just by chance I came across your blog. You are so right, I cannot tell you how often I have felt despondent, because I have failed at something. I realise now that I need to change my perspective.
    May you have a wonderful 2013.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Lilian. Hope you have a wonderful 2013, and enjoy all your new challenges.