Monday, 4 March 2013

Set Free!!

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
Michelangelo Buonarroti

Michelangelo is the world's most famous sculptor, he was an absolute master craftsman and artist.  He painstakingly would turn an ordinary piece of marble into a statue of exquisite beauty.  Where others would merely see a pretty piece of stone or marble, he would see a figure, lovers or angels, then he would carve and chisel until it was released for all to marvel at.  God, the ultimate sculptor, blessed him with an incredible talent.
The same way as Michelangelo would chisel at a piece of marble, the Lord is also busy with each one of us.  Sometimes I look at myself and wonder what it is that the Lord could possibly love about me?  I am so full of rubbish, sin and uselessness, what on earth could be my purpose? We look at others sometimes with these same questions.  We look at others and judge them, shaking our heads at the seemingly wasted life of a murderer, a tramp, a prostitute and cannot see any purpose to their lives, yet the Lord looks at them and sees something beautiful.  However, He looks at them, at me and you and see something wonderful, so he gets out his chisel and starts carving, hammering and polishing until his image of me is set free.
We are all in the process of being shaped and moulded by the Master Craftsman, and he will not stop until we are completed to His design and purpose.  Sometimes this process is not easy for us, we might experience pain and anguish, we might fight against it and get injured in the process, yet in the end the work is completed and we have been renewed into a masterpiece to the glory of God.  No two pieces of marble is exactly the same, and each piece get lovingly shaped into something totally unique and created for a specific purpose.  It becomes easier to bare the rough and tumble of life when we think of it as the chiseling and carving taking place to shape me into what the Lord has planned for me.  His plan is never to hurt me, or destroy me, but for me to prosper according to his Master plan, He is busy setting me free from my prison in the stone.

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