Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Better than Butterflies

We all know the saying, "A Dog is a Man's Best Friend", but not only are they our best friends, they are also our mentors, as there are so much we can learn from them.  Here are 12 canine wisdoms we would be wise to remember, who knows, maybe if we apply some of these "doggy" principles in our own lives we might have happier relationships.

1.  Dogs are loyal.  It does not matter who we are, whether we feed them or not, whether we allow them to sleep inside our cozy homes or outside on the steps, they remain loyal.
2.  Dogs do not hold grudges.  They forgive instantly, again and again.
3.  Dogs do not hate anybody.  They are fiercely protective of their humans.
4.  Dogs do not judge us.  They accept us just the way we are.
5.  Dogs do not discriminate.  They do not care whether we live in a mansion or a shack, whether we are Caucasian, Chinese or Martian, as long as we love them.
6. Their love is unconditional.  They attach no conditions to their love.  They simply love with all their hearts.  Always ready to give a lick or a cuddle.
7.  They are patient.  They spend most of their time waiting for their humans to return home.  They don't sulk or scold us when we eventually return.
8.  Dogs are always excited to see us.  They tell us so with their whole bodies.
9. They always expect the best.  They are excited about the new day, believing it's going to be good.  They wag their tales when we bring their food, expecting it to be absolutely delicious.  They are always ready to go for a walk, believing it's going to be a splendid adventure.
10.  Dogs believe their humans are the very best in all the world.  They will follow us to the end of the world, they will search for us far and wide.  No matter how we treat them, their belief in us cannot be shaken.
11.  They do not care about money or material things.  It cannot make them love us more or less.
12.  Dog are always grateful.  Every morsel, every tiny bit of our attention, every pat on the head fill them with gratitude and they never forget to show it.

We take these amazing animals so for granted, yet it is a privilege to have the company of a dog.  Have you hugged your best friend today?

Feel free to tell me a bit about your special friend, I would love to hear from you.

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