Wednesday, 5 July 2017


I am sure you will agree with me when I say that we all have times in our lives when we feel insecure and we start doubting ourselves.  It feels as if we are floundering in the tides of life and we have lost focus.  We become overwhelmed by everything and everyone around us. Peace seems to be evading us.
If you feel this way, I have one word for you today: Embrace.  Learn to embrace.  Embrace what, you may ask?  I invite you to read on...


...the Past.

Yes, I know, we are usually told to let go of the past, but I want to tell you that you cannot let go of the past until you have embraced it.
Our past is often filled with many instances of pain and resentment.  The past is made up of huge pieces of blame and regret.  We have all had our share of grief and bitter disappointments.  It is littered with the broken pieces of our hearts.  Yet, the past is filled with life lessons. Every event, every tear and every moment of joy have brought us to this point in life.  Without the past which shaped and molded us, we would not have gained the insight and character we have presently.  Embrace the past for what it has taught you and embrace it for all the good it has given you.  Embrace the past for every person who was a part of it and for every experience it has given you.  Make peace with its heartache, the delights and the tough times it brought you.  Embrace it for all it was and then let it go.

...this Moment.

So often we spend precious time wishing our lives were different now.  We reminisce about the good old days and we dream about tomorrow, a better job or better friendships.  We obsess about living a different life from the one we are living now, imagining different circumstances or surroundings.  In the process we forget to be alive in this moment.  The fact is that we cannot ever walk back into the past and the future is nothing more than a date on the calender.  The only thing that is real is this very moment.  Very often it is what I do with this moment, which determines the quality of my future.  Thus, I have to embrace this moment I am living in now.  Embrace the way life is right now, value the friendships you have right now and the circumstances you are experiencing now.  Everything happening right now is teaching us and shaping us.  When we acknowledge where we are, who we are and what is happening right now in our lives and embrace it for all this moment is giving us, then we will have the means and wisdom to change our lives once this day, this moment, is in the past.  We can call it a day well lived, and we can embrace it for what it has given us and what it has taught us.  Embrace this here and now and live life to the fullest right now.


Most of us are creatures of habit.  We tend to resist change.  We get up at a certain time, we usually order our favourite foods and wear that beloved sweater until it unravels at the seams. We resent people or events that threaten to disrupt the routine of our lives.  We hold onto the familiar with a vengeance. Yet change is the one constant in life.  Change is important in our development as human beings.  Through change we grow in maturity and wisdom.  Change opens up new horizons and new experiences which in turn open up our minds to new possibilities. I urge you to let go of your set ways and your set ideas. Relax and let go of your narrow view of what life should be like and instead embrace what life is giving you.  Allow it to surprise you. Embrace change.


When we talk about love, respect and forgiveness, we all agree that it is not too difficult to love others and to respect them.  We can even manage to forgive other people.  Yet, when it comes to ourselves, we are far less loving, respectful and forgiving.  However, loving others, first of all, begins with loving yourself.  One of the ten commandments states " others as you love yourself", thus, our love for others are determined by the love we have for ourselves.  When we are angry with ourselves, and we feel embittered and resentful towards ourselves, we are busy poisoning ourselves.  When we constantly batter ourselves about our past "mistakes" and "failures" we become despondent.  We start to believe that we are not good enough.  We believe that we have not been destined for success.  We start comparing ourselves to other people.  We lose faith in ourselves and our abilities.  To have inner peace it is of utmost importance to stop blaming myself and to start forgiving myself.  I have to acknowledge and embrace the unique person that I am.  I have to celebrate who I am, the way I do things and the distinctive qualities which I possess.  When I embrace myself, it becomes so much easier to find peace.

...the Positive.

Every action we take in life begins with one thing: a thought.  In the Bible we read that a ship is steered by a rudder and so our lives are steered by our thoughts.  With the world in such a state of chaos all around us, it is very easy to focus on everything that is wrong.  We get trapped by thoughts of worry and fear.  We look at our own lives and circumstances and our thoughts start drowning out any positive thoughts.  Negativity seeps into our thoughts and conversations.  We start to listen to the negative opinions of other people and their words become fodder for our thoughts.  We start believing our thoughts.  It is important to start filtering what influences and what words we allow into our minds.  Put them through the negativity filter and only allow those things through which are charged with positive energy. Ban any negativity from your life, avoid people who speak words that break down or discourage.  Fill your life with people who speak life and fill your world with positive energy.  Negative energy is like a black hole, it sucks everything into its dark abyss.  Positivity fills our lives with light and delight.  Embrace all that is positive.

Practise these five principles in your life and watch how your world becomes a place of peace and joy.  Through practising these five points you will once again find the focus and energy you felt you were lacking.  Above all Embrace Life!!!

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