Saturday, 1 July 2017

Winter Wonder

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is winter, and although it has not been a particularly cold one yet, it is still cold enough for me to not be very comfortable!  They say that butterflies don't fly if their body temperature is less than 30 degrees C.  Well, I feel like a butterfly, no flying for me.  I just flutter my wings ever so slightly.  I am the most unproductive human being during the winter months, my body is constantly crying out in protest!  I love the summer, the warmth of the sun energizes me and lifts my spirit to unknown heights.  Yet, the winter has a magical beauty to it.  When the sun just pushes its face from underneath the night's blanket and its first fragile rays catch on the frosty icicles covering the grass, it is like a wonderland which unfolds. The waterdrops glisten like diamonds.  Foggy tendrils float above the water pond, and one can almost imagine fairies scurrying away before human eyes can see them.  Although Winter is my least favourite season, I need the winter and I cannot imagine living in a place where there is little or no winter, it is as if my very essence needs this time of hibernation. It is a time for quiet reflection.  Without Winter, Spring would be less miraculous, Summer less abundant.  In Life, too, we learn to truly appreciate the beauty of Summer, because of the winter. It is this contrast that reveals the beauty, the wonder and the joy of the good times.  Winter is to me like the wrapping around a present.  It excites me, because I know that underneath its cold layer, tender green leaves are waiting to burst forth and rejoice!!  So enjoy this time of snuggling beneath the warm covers, it will soon pass. If you flutter by here, please share your thoughts on the Seasons with me, I would love to hear from you.

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