Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Butterfly in the Mirror

I have a friend I have known my whole life, although for a period in my life we were never really friends and I thought I would write today's blog for her.

Hello Friend,
       I do not have to call you by name, for when you read this you will know that I am talking to you.  I have know you since I can remember.  When I was small I often played hide and seek with you at my mother's dressing table and you were there in the middle of the night when the branches outside my windows turned into a giant's arms, raking its long fingers across the window panes.
      As I grew older I also grew to like you less and less.  You were so shy, you were a real pain to be around, always pulling faces at the camera and the slowest athlete ever!  Why you had to be in my life was beyond my understanding, I did not even like to think about you and often wished you were somebody else.
I always got irritated with you when you could not get something right.  You always seemed to mess everything up.  I would often refrain from trying something because I just knew that you would not succeed and then everyone would laugh and point a finger.
       It often seemed as if nobody liked me and I blamed you for it.  Then one day I came face to face with the realisation that I will have to change my attitude towards you, because then only will peoples’ attitude towards me start changing, it was as if they could sense that I did not really like you very much.  I started noticing how funny you could be and how people reacted when you smiled at them and I thought to myself that there must be something good there after all.  I started to enjoy being with you.  I realised you were quite clever in your own right and very creative.   I also saw that you were kindhearted,caring and sincere.
      Suddenly it was as if I saw you for who you were for the first time and I started valuing your presence in my life.  You were somebody I could always count on.  I could actually look you in the eye and admit that you are one great and very special human being, not such a total loser as I have suspected you to be all these years.  I was not ashamed of you any more and my children love you and my husband thinks you are the best, but more important than their opinion of you, is mine.  I love you and I am so glad that we are friends today, after all, without you I'd be nothing, because you are ME.

Eleanor Roosevelt said : "Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else. 

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  1. Hi Charri
    How very precious this which you have written... I have also known this friend of yours her whole life and I celebrate with you who she has become!So clever, artistic,great sense of humour ,a wonderful mother and no one can wish for a more caring sister, to share laughter and precious memories.

  2. Thank you for this very nice post. Have a wonderful day, my beloved sister!

  3. I have known who your friend really was at the time when she still used to upset you and I could never understand why you wouldn't be more like her. But now, at last you have found her and I'm so happy for you!!!