Monday, 17 September 2012

Take to the Skies!

The beginning of a new week is always a good time to do some internal stocktaking.  It is not necessarily an easy thing to do, and very often we prefer to avoid it, but it is as good for the soul as spring cleaning is for the house.  Today, take a good look at yourself, at your dreams, your goals.  Have you reached them yet?  Are you busy living your dream, or have you stashed them at the back of a messy drawer to maybe one day dust off?
What is it that is pinning you down?  What is it that you are allowing to hold you down?  Hmmm, I can hear you say it : "Nothing, my life is fine."  For some of you I know this is true, and that is absolutely wonderful!  But some of you reading this knows that even though you are happy, there is some part of you that wish you could try something if only you were not so afraid to try, so scared of failing or maybe just so comfortable with what you have now, even though you suspect this is not all there is.  We become very adept at telling ourselves little white lies just to stay safe, just to keep within our comfort zone.  We avoid the issue, because facing it might just rattle the cosy cage we have built for ourselves.
However, for as long as we avoid taking a good look at ourselves, our hopes, dreams and goals, we will not find true fulfilment.  It is like a butterfly trying to fly with just one wing, the other one is being pinned down, and it withers away.  It can only look at the fearless flight of the other butterflies.
Again I ask you - what is it that you allow to pin you down?  Fear maybe?  Fear paralyse us, it steals our freedom.  Is it Failure?  Just another word for fear.  If we don not try we can't fail, but we definitely also CANNOT succeed!  Could it be our own comfort zone that is keeping you pinned down?  Many people suffer from this one, it ties us down so softly that it does not even feel as if we are tied down.  Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life, taking chances expose us to the possibility of hurt, failure or disappointment. However, NOT taking chances definitely  keeps our hopes and dreams from ever being realised.  We are seemingly content, going about our daily routine, moderately happy, not really unhappy, yet....... We bury our feelings, our dreams, not wanting to disrupt our comfort, not daring to try , not willing to rip the pins out and fly.
Again my question.  You don't have to answer me, or confide in anyone, you just have yourself to answer to.  Nobody can help to unpin you, you are the only one who can do it, but I encourage you to do it, don't just wish it, do it and take to the skies!

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  1. This is so true! We convince ourselves that we are satisfied only because we are too scared to try something else, in case we fail. Unpinning myself is very difficult, but I'll have to try!
    Thank you for these inspiring posts.
    Alison E.

  2. Thank you for posting, I am glad you enjoy the posts. I love writing them. All the best with your 'unpinning'!