Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Lock-Down, Day 5 - Popcorn

So, what to do when it is raining and you are under lock-down?  You watch a movie and eat popcorn of course!  Day 5 and my daughter and I enjoyed a bit of bonding time watching an old movie.  It was while I was gobbling down the simple, but addictive snack that I started to think about what exactly I was putting into my mouth.

The oldest popcorn kernels were found in a cave in New mexico and with carbon dating were found to be about 5600 years old.  It is quite possibly the oldest snack around.  It is a simple snack and merely smelling the warm fresh popcorn immediately makes one's mouth water.  It is low in calories, but it has lots of fiber. However it is the nature of popcorn that made me think.

It is a plain snack, there is noting fancy to it. However, it is its smell which entices people to buy it. The warm buttery odour can reach a person's nostrils from far across a fairground.  It conjures up happy memories of movie nights and game nights at home around the kitchen table.

We should be like popcorn.  We should be a pleasant smell and a fond memory in the lives of others.  We do not need to be special, rich or accomplished to make a difference, we just have to be honest, warmhearted and feel like home.  Our presence should bring with it the feeling of comfort and care, and long after we have gone the memory of us should bring thoughts of happy times.  There is nothing complicated about a bowl of popcorn.  It just is what it is.  Each popcorn is unique in shape, white and fluffy.  The taste of it is lightly salty, crunchy yet fluffy and melts in the mouth.  The same way each one of us is unique, we each bring our own taste to the people we interact with.  Let it be a taste of goodness, fresh and tasty.  Let us never leave people with a bitter taste in their mouths.  Let people look forward to our company.
Be popcorn!

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