W HEN life is pressing,
R EALLY putting us through the wringer,
I NTENSE doubt sets in that at
T IMES feels as if all is lost, fears
I NTRUDE upon our thoughts that
N OT only distress us, but
G ENTLY seem to smother all hope.

I T'S then that we must remember
S OMETIMES it is a blessing in disguise,

G ODSEND moments to lead us to new
O PPORTUNITIES that we might otherwise miss,
O PENING new roads for us,
D OORS where we thought were only walls;

F OR these are the times we must
O PEN our hearts and minds as
R EFLECTION is an essential tool

T O discover God's plan for us, a chance to
H EAL old wounds, demolish old believes, reveal
E MOTIONAL baggage causing pain,

S TRESS that destroys our joy.
O NCE we learn to look for the hidden message
U NDERNEATH the pain, the difficult times, we discover
L AYERS of blessings, waiting to be revealed.