Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Be a Weed

Today I read about Trudy Smith, a 102 year old painter from Australia who only started painting at the age of 85. .  She calls herself a loner and does not really enjoy talking about herself.  What a wonderful example she is to all of us who so readily use the excuse of being too old to do this thing or that.  Society tends to put people in categories.  We get evaluated, judged, labeled and filed into little boxes.  Few of us are brave enough to break free from those constraints.  We fear what the world would say if we dare prove their labeling system wrong.   It is this fear which keeps our dreams earthbound, and eventually they die with us.
Almost daily I encounter people who tell me that they have always thought that they would have loved painting, or dancing or running marathons, but that they believed that they are not talented enough, that people would think them silly or that they are too old to do it.  "I have had my chance at life, now it is too late" they say.  What absolute nonsense!  They have bought into the lie society has told them.  The truth is, it is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams, but we have many reasons why we believe we can't.  What is your reason?  Are you too busy?  Is it maybe not the opportune time?  Perhaps you think you have too little knowledge or experience?  Maybe you consider yourself too young/ too old or maybe you feel that it would cost too much to make your dream a reality.  Whatever your reason, and no matter how much you truly believe that it is a valid excuse, I want to tell you that it is a smokescreen.  The real reason is much simpler.
So, what is it that actually stands between you and your dreams?  
It is FEAR!!!!
Everything you dream of, everything you desire and hope for is on the other side of the wall which fear has erected between you and your dreams and your life's purpose.
You are NOT too busy, you are afraid that people will say you are wasting your time.  You are afraid to invest the extra hours it might ask of you.  It IS the best time, because NOW is the only time which is ours.  Postponing our dream ultimately leads to it being packed into a dusty box somewhere in the attic of our minds and ultimately to regret.  Maybe you do not know everything you should, maybe you are inexperienced, but knowledge is the click of a button away, and experience come with time while you are DOING your dream.  Too Young?  Youth is an advantage.  Your zest and energy will more than make up for your youthfulness.  Too old?  Never.  With age comes wisdom, patience and perseverance.  
Something which Trudy Smith said has struck a chord with me.  She said: "Be a weed — then you belong to everywhere or anywhere."
We all know how hardy a weed is.  Its grip on the earth is quite tenacious.  A weed also does not ask permission to grow somewhere, it just does.  It does not care what the other flowers and plants have to say about it.  Weeds withstand wind, rain and drought.  No matter what, they keep on growing.  The bees, butterflies and birds feed on their nectar and seeds, some weeds are even used in the manufacture of perfume.  Interestingly, often what some people may call weeds, others cultivate in their gardens.
So, no more excuses.  What is your dream?  Now, go on, start living it!