Thursday, 5 May 2022

Break free

We have recently celebrated Freedom day.  This started some thoughts tumbling through my mind.  Thoughts are very powerful. This is why we read in Proverbs 23:7 "As someone thinks within himself, so he is."  Often we are held captive by our very own thoughts.  Thoughts can propel us in new directions, but they can also hold us back and rob us of our own future.  They can hold us captive and keep us from reaching our goals.

I made a list of some of the recurring thoughts I have noticed in my own life and I wonder if you can identify with them too?
One thought in particular that I have noticed, is the idea that everything must be perfectly in place before I can tackle a new venture or go after my dream.  I believe that only once everything is ready, I have all the possible knowledge, I have refined my technique, I have all the tools and infrastructure in place and every preparation has been made can I move forward in following my dream.  This is such a lie.  This is an excellent way to set oneself up for failure and to procrastinate.  The reason is that nothing will ever be that perfect.  It is only by starting that perfection will eventually follow.  Practice is what makes perfect.  The answer lies in the DOING!  So, scrap this thought of "only once everything is in place..." and start painting, singing, writing, dancing, studying, living, or whatever it is you are dreaming about.

Another thought which seems to always get in the way of pursuing my dreams is the belief that I need a lot of available, idle time to get it done.  I am sure the thoughts "not, now, I am too busy at work", "the children need me ", " I have too many other commitments" and "once I have cleared my in-box" sound quite familiar to you.  The truth is, your in-box is never going to be empty, your children will always need you and there will always be commitments to attend to.  So what to do?  It is okay to fit it in between the bits and pieces of living,  ten minutes here, and half an hour there will all add up.  They are all slots of time, if well used, that will get us closer to our dream.  It is okay to set aside an hour early in the morning to work towards our goal, it's fine to delegate a chore to one of the others in our household in order to finish an assignment.  The world will survive for those ten minutes.  But without you making the time to pursue your dream, your dream will not.

And then, the most deadly thought of all.  The nail in the coffin of many dreams.  The belief that we are not capable or good enough.  The fear that we are destined to fail.  The idea that I am not confident, and not worthy enough.  We believe success is for others.  This thought holds us captive and paralyzes us.  These thoughts, more than anything else, steal our future and our joy from us.

Can you identify with any of these thoughts?  Maybe it is time the break free from these bonds, this toxic mindset.  I hope you can change your thought and fly free in pursuit of your dreams.