Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Birthday

Today would have been my dad's birthday.  All of my life I have associated his birthday with the arrival of Spring.  He was a Spring Time person.  Full of fun, funny stories and jokes.  Always ready with a tease or a practical joke.  He was and always will be my hero.
The thing that stands out above all else was the way he loved his family.  He cherished each one of us in a special way.  He was fiercely protective of us.  Even though I was a girl I wanted to be just like him, and every man in my life has been measured against him.  He always made me feel safe, nothing could touch me as long as he was near.  His wisdom is woven into every fibre of who I am today.  The way I love and discipline my children is directly influenced by him.
My dad was never a push-over, yet I never heard him utter foul language.  He was a jester, yet had respect wherever he went.  To me he was perfect, and my mother never said anything that would make us doubt his perfectness.  He faced friends and enemies with the same straightforward, steadfast look in his eyes.  At times I was sure the devil shivered in his socks.
He was a rebel and a gentleman.  Where my dad was there was always laughter.  His blue eyes bright with mischief, yet sometimes I remember catching him with a far off expression in his eyes.  He was strong, a man's man, yet he was a snappy dresser.  He had Irish charm and was a ladies' man, but the way he looked at my mother made it plain to everyone that my mom was his only love.
Age and illness drew a mellow blanket around him, but he was still my dad, invincible and stubborn.  If I have one wish, it would be to sit on his lap one last time, and say thank you for being my dad. 

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  1. Dearest Charri,yes my dad,your description of him perfectly on the spot. How fiercely he protected us,I never doubted his total love for me,the way he raised me was to feel as if I am a princess.I knew implicitly that he would always protect me.
    He was always joking and laughing,it was always fun to be in his company.It was a difficult lesson to learn that no man can match my father's love for me,and that is the way it should be....
    With his keen sense of humour ,no one came scotfree,even me,his beloved daughter!
    I'll never forget how he would take anyone on who was a threat to his children.
    Yes, spring always started for us on his birthday,I can even remember some of the new summer dresses I wore on a 21 September. Since his passing I do not find that so easy anymore.
    I remember so well that the whole of my childhood we eagerly anticipated his arrival home from work ,we couldn't wait to see him walking through the door,often with a sweetie in the pocket of his jacket.He was a man who loved going shopping with his wife and children and when we had bought new clothes ,coming home we would have a fashion parade wearing the new clothes! Such fun!He was always a man of his word ,even when he warned me,always late for church, that he will one day leave me behind ,which he did and I had to walk to church!
    Another precious memory I can share is when I was 4 years old ,he shaved his moustache and then I did not want to kiss him goodbye when he left for work....he made a plan , put on some of my mom's mascara and then I would kiss him goodbye, then he would secretly wash it off and go to work! Is that not a great memory!!!
    I can also repeat what Charri said: he was no pushover yet I never heard bad language coming from him .
    Yes ,unfortunately ,illness became a black cloud; in spite of that he would still encourage us with his strong belief in God ,that we will see one another again.....a person is never prepared for the day your parents will look up to you for comfort.
    I strongly believe that I am the person I am ,the real me ,deep within, totally as a result of the way my mom and dad raised me, and I am so happy for that.
    What I have seen in my father ,as well as my mom, is to be able to walk with paupers as well as with kings and I try my very best to follow that example.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful post. I remember my dad always bringing us gifts back from wherever he had to go for his work, a little handbag for me, fudge, coconut ice or turkish delight for my mom from Dick's Sweets.
      Charri xxx

  2. It sounds like a super man to have had as a father and role model. Memories like these need to be cherished when they come around. Life is just a fleeting moment, hold on to it now, tomorrow it may be done.
    Thanks for the post, it made me think...

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you for dropping by and posting. I really appreciate it, I've been hoping you would.
      Every memory and every moment of life is very precious, and like you say, so fleeting. When I look at my children I realize it is just the blink of an eye. Be blessed.

  3. I love this post. I really wish I had known Grandad, all I know is what you tell me and what I see on pictures and I love him so much from that. I wish I could have gone shopping with Grandad and seen him laugh and tell jokes. I wish I could have been able to talk to him and hear his voice, but having you as my mommy I can see that I must have had the best Grandad in the world because he raised the perfect daughter that I can call MY mommy!

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post! Yes, he was the BEST grandad! You were lucky, you knew him for a little while, and you share his special physical trait. He would have been so proud of you, and his other grandchildren!

  4. What a lovely post ,T-L,yes he would have been so proud of his 4 grandchildren ,the people they have become, their proud bearing as well as their humility! Sometimes when I look at a grown-up photo of D,I fleetingly see a resemblance between D and your grandfather, precious. xxx