Friday, 5 October 2012

Did You Hear....?

Did you hear it?  This morning when you woke up?   The sound of it was carried on the morning breeze, the birds twittered about it.  Yes, it is true and wonderful!  Today is a brand new day, and we are alive!  All of creation is shouting it out loud!  Give praise and give thanks!  Celebrate!
When I phoned my friend with these words this morning, she asked me why?  What is so special about today?  She almost stole my joy, but then I answered her with a question: What is not special about today?  We are healthy and able, we received another totally undeserved day, we are surrounded by wonderful and special friends and family.  I have a brand new day in my hands to use, maybe to do things differently than yesterday. 
Maybe today is not totally perfect, but if we start to look for the wonderful things we have today, this present day, the imperfectness fades away.  Just for today shift your focus away from your worries, your fears about the future, your financial stress, your conflicts and anger, look at the blue sky, feel the sun on your face and rejoice in this moment, celebrate it, seize it greedily. 
Take out your special cutlery, your carefully packaged porcelain, that perfectly ironed, and seldom used tablecloth and lay a table of celebration.  There is no better time than right now!  Write your blessings down in big bold letters and post it to yourself.  What a wonderful letter to receive along with the bills when the post gets delivered next week!
Tomorrow morning when you wake up, listen carefully, you'll hear it........

If you flutter bye here I wish you blessings and joy.  Feel free to comment on how you will celebrate today. Just click on the words "no comments" or "1 comment " and follow the link.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. I am so with you on the outlook, there are so many things to celebrate. Today as I listen outside my window one of the neighbours is cutting their hedge, and though it is very cold the sound always reminds me of summer hazy days. As a special blessing today the sun is shining!

    1. Hi, Amanda, thank you so much for your post. How wonderful, that even in the midst of winter we can celebrate when most people just feel like hibernating! Hope you have a blessed week ahead.
      Charri x