Monday, 7 January 2013

Be Still.....

Already the new year is bustling with activity as people return to work, children prepare to return to school.  Desks are overflowing with work that piled up during the festive season, sport activities resume and everyone wants things done by yesterday.  The peaceful moments of the holiday season blur quickly into oblivion.  The rat-race is on again.  It is easy to loose our focus, to loose sight of our goals for the new year and to forget all our many new year's resolutions when faced with the non-stop demands of everyday living.  We get swept up in the adrenaline pumping through everyone around us and soon all our plans, our ideals get lost in the constant mantra of "go go go".
Let me then be the voice that calls to you that says: "Be still".  Take a breath, smell the fresh morning air, marvel at the beauty of the day, take 5 minutes to just be still, quiet and reflect.  Remember your promises to yourself, your family, that this year will be different.  Focus.  Be still.
Yes, it is true, life as we know it today is hectic, more and more demands are made on our time, we have to deliver more, and at a faster tempo than ever before.  We have to constantly be ahead of everyone else to succeed, we cannot afford to miss a step, yet all this comes at a price.  The question is : am I prepared to pay the price,  is it all truly worth it?  When all is said and done, will I be happy with what it all cost me?
It is up to each individual to answer these questions. Only I can decide, only I can say "STOP".
Easy?  No, nothing that we want to do differently to the norm, to what we are used, to what others expect from us, is easy.  Change is never easy, but it is worth the effort.  My own sanity, my family is worth it.  The world and its demands will always be there, shouting ever louder for my attention, but I have only this moment, this now, this family, once.  Be still....
My wish for you this week is 5 minutes everyday of absolute quiet, a 5 minute refuge from the bustle of life...... to really listen and hear the whisper of your soul.....

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