Monday, 22 June 2015

Wag your Body!!!

What a perfect Monday it is!  I have a friend who finds my Monday happiness quite disturbing, saying that I am messing with Monday's reputation.  Yet, I can't help myself, I love new beginnings and that is what Monday's always symbolize, a brand new fresh and promising day, the portal to a promising week.
Going for an early morning run today, I noticed the people and children on their way to work and school wearing their Monday looks.  What struck me was the total absence of happiness on their faces.  If I were to judge what their weekend  was like by looking at their faces, my guess would be that they must all have had dreadful weekends, their Saturdays and Sundays must have been filled with misery.
All the way back home, as I huffed and puffed, I pondered this.  It is as if we are suffering from a shortage of Happiness.  We are so overwhelmed by the crime and corruption stories we are bombarded with on a daily basis that happiness is steadily being eroded from our lives.  We are weighed down by worry, fear and the anticipation of a bleak future.  It is so sad that we have lost our natural ability to smile, to smile for no outward reason, but just for being happy within our souls.
Maybe it is time that we take a lesson from little children and dogs.  They have this wonderful gift.  They can smile (wag their tails) at the slightest provocation.  They love being happy.  Just take some time to watch a little child at play.  They take such delight in everything around them.  They marvel at the dust motes tumbling in the sunlight and chuckle with delight at the funny faces we pull.  At the slightest movement we make, our dogs start wagging their tales and jump up excitedly, expecting a treat, a loving pat or an afternoon walk.  No matter how often they get disappointed, they still jump up every time with the same excitement and happy expectations.  Their furry bodies ooze out happiness.  They love us unconditionally and they are ready to bounce and jump with all the exuberance of the whole universe.  They wag their tails when we leave, because they believe we will return, and when we return they celebrate our arrival with wild tail-wagging excitement, whether we have been away for five minutes or a month.  
Our furry friends and little children have one thing in common apart from their inherent happiness - they live in this moment.  They do not worry about tomorrow.  This moment, perfect, new and full of wonderful possibilities, is enough for them, and they absorb every bit of joy from it.  They trust in the moment and by default they also trust in tomorrow.  They believe their parents and their masters will take care of them.  They do not live in fear, they do not hold grudges and they do not worry.  Every new moment is another opportunity to laugh, to discover, and maybe get a treat.  They expect good to be coming their way and they look for it everywhere.
Maybe you read this and sneer at my simplistic view, maybe you think that it is easy for me to say, I have no idea what is happening in your life, I do not stand in your shoes.  I have to admit you are right, but I also know that when we change our focus and look for reasons to be happy, we wil find plenty still to make us smile.  Last week I heard these words over the radio (I do not know who said it, but my husband and I immediately started implementing it in our lives) :

"Be insanely happy every time somebody whom we love walks through the door!"
Needless to say, we are laughing a lot.

Enjoy your Monday, enjoy this moment.  Embrace it with all your might, this is the moment you have!!!
Be blessed.

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