Friday, 21 August 2015

Face the Sun

This morning is beautiful.  Blue skies and a mellow sun.  The birds are happily twittering.  In a month known for its miserably windy days, nothing stirs the air.  It is hard to believe that we are still in the winter season.  The last couple of weeks of Winter in fact.
Yes, it is a beautiful morning.  It is important to say it.  To remind ourselves to see the beauty around us.  The world we live in is often too ready to remind us about everything that is NOT beautiful.  We are besieged by stories of evil and hardship and news reels broadcasting the horrors of wars and murders.  Pessimists flourish around us and it is difficult not to get sucked in by all the negativity surrounding us.  I think it is time to actively turn our faces to the sun, to look for the light and the beauty in everything.  Time for the Optimists among us to stand up and make a difference.

Long ago somebody explained to me that Optimists are the children of the world and Pessimists are the adults.  Of course, it is not quite as simple as that, but if it were true, I'd choose to be a child!  What is an Optimist?  I had a look at the letters that make up the word "Optimist", and here is what I came up with:

  • O - Opportunities:     Optimists see opportunities where others see stumbling blocks and difficulties.  They assess the situation and the facts and actively look for ways to come up with a better solution.  They are ready to take on the challenge.  Through this they also encourage others to look for another solution.
  • P - Possibilities:         An optimist is always open to possibilities.  They seldom look at an object or an idea just for what it is at first glance, they look beyond and see the potential behind it. They either have a plan or they make a plan.  They are willing to take risks.
  • T - Thankful:            They live lives of gratitude.  They count their blessings and give thanks.  They never let a chance pass them by to express their thankfulness.  Their attitude of gratefulness helps them to embrace what life has to offer and to make the most out of it.
  • I - Imaginative:          Optimists are visionaries.  They can envision success.  They have the ability to imagine a better outcome and they will be innovative in their planning to achieve success.  Optimists rarely give up.  Mankind would never have set foot on the moon if it were not for an optimist or two who believed it could be done.
  • M - Motivation:         They have the ability to motivate, not only themselves, but others as well.  Their enthusiasm and energy encourage those around them.  
  • I - Infinite:                 An optimist looks at life and the world and sees infinite opportunities and possibilities.  He believes in the infinite goodness of mankind.  An optimist sees the horizon, but believes there is even more beyond that point.  He believes that if one path does not lead to success there are many others that will lead him there.
  • S - Self-confidence:   Optimists believe in their own abilities and they have a good self-esteem.  They are aware of their strong points and use them to their advantage while at the same time understanding their shortcomings without getting hung up on them.
  • T - Team players:       Every team needs an optimist, because they are team players.  They love sharing their "Joie de Vivre" with others.  They enjoy encouraging and motivating those around  them. They are in their element when they can help in finding a solution to a seemingly impossible problem, or a way to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Optimists are hopeful and cheerful individuals.  Their smiles come easily and sincerely.  Most of us envy their easy and relaxed attitude to life.  Studies have shown that optimists are generally healthier than their less optimistic counterparts.  Are you an optimist?  Would you like to be one?  Unfortunately, there is not a switch in our brains which we can flip to turn on the Optimistic Power Supply.  Most optimists are naturally that way, but there is hope for the rest of us.  It CAN be learned.  We can change our perspective.  We can either turn our backs to the sun, or we can face the sun, and let its warmth and beauty light our world.

Here are 5 Steps to a More Optimistic YOU:
  1. Practise Gratefulness
  2. Smile
  3. Change your vocabulary: cannot becomes CAN!
  4. There is ALWAYS a way. We ALWAYS have a choice.
  5. Find and focus on the positive around you, in you and about you.


  1. We have blue skies and a mellow sun in Russia too as summer turns to fall. And all I can say is that am the eternal optimist :) Let's always be the children of the world!