Tuesday, 3 January 2017


A new year has arrived.  Most people spent the last few days of December in anticipation of the coming year.  Some viewed its arrival with excitement, while others were filled with sadness, even trepidation.  Most people have made some or other resolution.  However as we know resolutions are often not even worth the paper they have been written on.  They are forgotten as quickly as the sun goes down on the first of January, as soon as real life comes knocking at our doors again.

Yet, despite the bad reputation new year resolutions have, I still believe in them.  I love the freshness which comes with a new year.  Over the month of January I would like to share some new year resolutions which I would like to implement over the course of the year.

My first resolution is to "Embrace" the new year.  Sometimes I am like a child wanting to jump into the pool, but he is too scared about the unknown, unsure about the temperature of the water or the depth of it.  Often we fear to pursue our dreams lest we fail, we worry about starting something new or stepping out of our comfort zones and so we stay on the edge of the pool until the season to swim has passed us by yet again.  This year I want to embrace the new, to worry less and to pursue my dreams.  Come on, reach out with me and let us embrace 2017!

May you be blessed this year beyond your wildest expectations! 

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