Thursday, 20 July 2017

You Are Worthy!

We live in a time of financial upheaval.  The cost of living is rising at an alarming rate.  When comparing the prices of goods from a year ago to today's prices it is clear that everything has increased considerably.  Money is very important in our daily lives and we are constantly looking for ways to make more money as well as ways to save money.  We want the best possible product and service for as little money as possible.  We value most things in terms of their monetary value.  However, we are all aware that there are many things which money cannot buy.  Yet we still attach a certain value to it.

We even weigh ourselves and attach a value label to ourselves.  Sadly, we most often de-value ourselves. We think of ourselves as unworthy.  I have an art student who has really made phenomenal progress in a very short time.  I asked her recently why she is not using her sketchbook, but only draws on scrap pieces of paper?  Her answer was that she was not good enough yet to spoil the pages in her sketchbook.  I asked her when she thought she would be "good enough"?  She did not answer me, but I could see the answer in her eyes: "never".  She will never think of herself as good enough to draw in her sketchbook.  She deemed her work and talent unworthy of a R60 sketchpad.

Most of us are guilty of this.  We under-value ourselves.  We wait for somebody to put a stamp of approval on our work, we wait for an award or the accolade of people before we would think of ourselves or our work as good enough.  We compare our work, our talents and ourselves to others and according to our own observations, we attach a price tag to our efforts.  A price tag which states "not good enough"!  We believe that we have to earn the approval of others to be worthy.  We believe that, only if, we are first over the line, or in the top of our class or made president of the company or get the award for achiever of the year have we earned the right to make a mark on the sketch pad of our lives.

This misguided evaluation of ourselves leads to disappointment and despair.  We start to believe that we are a failure.  In the end, we give up trying and we give up on our dreams.  Yes, it is important to measure ourselves in order to take note of our progress and to evaluate the areas where we may have to improve.  We have to take stock of our abilities and our weaknesses in order to determine the areas of our lives which we have to still develop further, but it is important to give ourselves recognition and to evaluate ourselves fairly.  We have to give ourselves credit and reward ourselves along the way.  Be proud of your own achievements and progress.  Value yourself for the uniquely gifted person you are.  Above all acknowledge that you are worthy.  Come on, take out that blank book you have been saving, and make your mark in it with a bold hand!

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