Thursday, 1 February 2018

Restore...Renew Week 4, Day 4: Reach Beyond

We are all creatures of habit.  We enjoy life in our own comfort zone.  We all have our very specific routines and habits.  Most people are quite happy living their lives within certain limits.  They enjoy eating the same food, wearing the same style of clothing, going the same places and surrounding themselves with familiar things.  In the process we become stuck in a rut and we become dissatisfied with life.  We start asking whether this is all life has to offer.  However, it is not life that is to blame.  We are just too scared to step out of the same-old-same-old routine, and thus we keep on doing the same things while expecting to feel differently.
  For today's challenge I want you to be brave.  I want you to take a step outside your comfort zone.  Instead of ordering your usual cup of coffee, try something with a delightful foreign name.  Are you always sleeping on the left side of the bed? How about being totally wild tonight and get in on the right side of the bed, after all, just imagine that surprised look on your spouse's face!  
Move beyond your own set up limits, and explore.  Watch a documentary on a completely unknown topic, listen to a different genre of music or sign up for a course that will stretch you in a totally different direction.  Dare to be brave.  Stop worrying what others might say or think. Do not be afraid that you might fail.  The only way we ever really fail is when we fail to try something new, when we are too scared to explore or discover new horizons and when we fail to live.  Reach beyond your own horizon, the world awaits you.

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