Monday, 6 January 2020

They call it "Hygge"

A happy 2020 to all of you!  May it be a blessed and spectacular year for each one of you!  Today I want to share a new word with you.  Some of you may be familiar with it, but although I have seen the word around, I have only learned its meaning at the end of last year.

It is a Danish word and it is used to refer to a moment in time, a feeling of coziness, contentedness and of simplicity.  The feeling of being comforted, happiness, of feeling that all is well. The word is "hygge" pronounced hue-guh. The Danish people invented hygge in an effort to make the many long dark and cold days tolerable.  The simple act of drinking a cup of coffee or lighting a fire became something to celebrate and to treasure.  It is a way to turn the ordinary of each day into something memorable, something special.

The basic concept is simplicity itself.  You do not need to go buy anything or change anything.  You just have to be completely present in the moment, to be aware of what is happening around you.  It is being aware of the ice tinkling against the glass, noticing the way the sunlight falls through the window, the motes dancing in its light or the smell of the coffee in the cup, the steam against your face.

Hygge is about being aware, being alive and feeling the moment.  It is to celebrate the wonder of each ordinary perfect moment, this now we are in.

I want to encourage you to make this January, this year, with the perfect fullness of 2020, a year of hygge.  Be aware, observe, really notice the things around you and savour each moment.

In my next post we will talk more about bringing hygge into your daily life.

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