Thursday, 2 April 2020

Lock-Down, Day 7 - Something Different

It is day 7 of our Lock-Down, whoo-hoo, a third of the way done and dusted, congratulations, you have done it and that without strangling anybody!  It is quite cool and windy today, but it is atill a beautiful day.  it is another day to be alive, to breathe, love and rejoice!  I had a down day yesterday and when I did some stocktaking at bedtime I realized that it was all because of a lack of planning.  You see failing to plan can only guarantee one thing and that is a plan to fail. Don't get me wrong, I am all for being spontaneous, but even spontaneity requires a wee bit of planning.  Yesterday I made no plans, I had no guideline as to how to spent my time and without knowing it I set myself up to feeling despondent.  So this morning bright and early I got my duck in a row and I feel much better already!  But, what is there to do during a lock-down, I can hear you exclaim.  Well there is always de-cluttering (done), deep-cleaning the kitchen (done), reading a book which I never seem to have time for (tick that one) or catching up on movies or TV series (how much TV DO you want me to watch?).  So, you've done the obvious things, now what?
Well this is where you have to start thinking out of the box.  Try to get away from the usual things you want to do or like to do.  Instead come up with an alternative list. Be as wild and wacky as you can think of being.
So here are some of my thoughts:
a. Dress up to the nines, set a table out in your yard and have a three course meal, but start with dessert.  Oh, and remember the photos.
b. Climb onto the roof and watch the sunset/sunrise or have a picnic.
c.  Dress up as a superhero, no this is not just the kids, it is especially for adults!
d.  Get together with your family members, also those staying far away and write a murder mystery together.
e.  Learn to dance the foxtrot.
f. Walk backwards for the entire day.
g.  Learn ten basic sentences of a new language and only use those sentences for the whole day.
h. Play Monopoly in the opposite direction, Pictionary in charades mode or strip-poker but dress-up instead.
i. Write inspiring notes and catapult them all over your close neighbourhood.
j. Set about creating a new world record in something obscure: 
tallest hat -15ft9inches
most consecutive pinky pull-ups - 36
longest plank position - 8hrs15min15sec

There you have some of my ideas.  How about adding some of your own and make this time a time to remember!  Be well, stay safe.

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