Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Lesson 6 - Afresh

It is the last week of March, and was it not a beautiful month?  The weather was cool, but not too cold.  The mornings were fresh and clear and we were blessed with beautiful rain.  This week I want to share with you one more lesson we can learn from children.

We visited our children this week-end and had the pleasure to play with our grandchildren.  Of course, children being children, there will always be the occasional slip or scrape during the course of a day.  There always seems to be some or other little mishap in the vicinity of children.  This week-end was no exception.  Somebody broke a cup, and although we took care to pick up all the pieces, a small shard was overlooked.  However, our granddaughter found the little piece and cut her finger in the process.  We all know how such a cut can sting and of course there was the appropriate amount of blood to scare mommy, granny and child equally much.  Tears flowed in huge drops and her sobs were heart wrenching. 

The next morning I asked my granddaughter how her finger was feeling.  She looked at me quizzically.  I repeated my question, reminding her about her cut.  She had forgotten about it.  You see, it was a new day, a fresh start and new adventures were waiting.  Children do not carry grudges, and they do not hang onto hurt.  They move on.  Every new day is exactly that, new and fresh.  To them a new day is another chance to enjoy everything this new day has to offer.

As adults, we so often miss out on this opportunity life gives to us.  We wake up to the same baggage we have been dragging around yesterday, last week, last year.  We mull over the same problems, rehash the same situations and hold onto the same fears.  We pick up yesterday's bundle of worries and add today's baggage to it.  Of course we also carry that little black book with us where we record all the wrongs that have been done to us, lest we forget.  What a load we drag along.  It becomes so much that we have no energy left to notice the brand new sunrise and the day waiting for us with so many new possibilities ahead.

Perhaps this is one of the greatest lessons we can learn from children, how to let go and move on.  The simple truth of the matter is that we cannot possibly grab hold of the beautiful new day and all the gifts awaiting us if our hands are still full of yesterday's troubles, disappointments and hurts.  So let us leave that baggage behind where it belongs, and start this new day afresh.  After all, what happened yesterday is not a life sentence, it was a lesson.  So learn the lesson, but move on.  Open your heart, let the air and sunlight in and have a fantastic new day.


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