Friday, 12 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 2, Day 5 : Face to Face

Today's challenge is truly a challenge!  No social media today!!!  Yes, no FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler or Google, to name a few.  Go radical, go off line!  I want you to disconnect in order to reconnect.  Instead of sending an e-mail, write a letter and post it.  Instead of sending a message, pick up the phone and phone somebody on your contact list.  Hear their voices, listen to the innuendo's behind the words.  Go visit somebody, arrange a coffee date, but phone the person to arrange it, don't just sms or Whatsapp!  And please, when you go on that coffee date with your friend, SWITCH OFF your cellphone.  Really connect, face to face, eye to eye.  Alright then, now you have read about your challenge for today, go ahead and disconnect.  See you again tomorrow, same place.

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