Sunday, 21 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 3, Day 7: Relax

Sunday afternoon.  Lunch has been served, the dishes done and everybody has retired for an afternoon nap, except you.  You have packed the dishes away, sorted the left overs.  You have tidied the kitchen, dining and lounge area and just as you are done the first person has woken up for his/her nap and is looking for something to drink or nibble on.  You scarcely had a moment to yourself.  I want you to take a moment now.  Twilight is slowly settling over the day, the worst of the heat is gone.  Find a quiet corner, maybe a spot underneath a tree, and read start reading that book you never seem to get time for, or flip through a few magazines and listen to some relaxing music. Do it now, before the Sunday evening routine starts, before you are besieged by requests for clean uniforms, or being enlisted in the search for homework books or mislaid projects. Take twenty minutes or half an hour to replenish your energies before the hunt is on for missing socks, etc.  You owe yourself this quiet time, a few well deserved moments to recharge your batteries for the week ahead.  There are very real benefits to taking a thirty minute respite.  Relaxing for half an hour, whether it be by reading, writing, listening to music or just spending time in nature helps to lower blood pressure and reduces the release of stress hormones. It also helps to relief muscle tension and pain.  It can also boost our energy levels, improve our memory and helps us to regain our focus.
It can also help us to be mentally prepared for another hectic week awaiting us.

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