Monday, 3 June 2019

Break Away

Don't you just love Mondays?  Feeling rejuvenated after a great week-end, Mondays invite you to start afresh.  A brand new week awaits filled with new challenges and new opportunities.  However, if you are like most people out there then Monday is not really your favourite day of the week.  Maybe you dread the overflowing inbox awaiting you, or having to sort out all the problems that had accumulated over the week-end.  Then there is no better day to start planning your next getaway!  Instead of working during lunchtime, use that hour to plan a well-deserved week-end away.  No, don't make excuses, now, you do deserve it, in fact you owe it to yourself, your family and your loved ones.  Even your colleagues will benefit from a happier, more relaxed you.

Even if you love your job, working is stressful and stress can break us down, both physically and mentally.  Taking a break, even a short one, has a renewing effect on our body and our mind.  It helps us to refocus and to regain perspective about what is important.  It can even help clear our minds helping us to find solutions to problems we are faced with.  It may even spark some new ideas.

Taking a mini-vacation a few times a year is a great way to re-connect with our loved ones.  It helps to build and strengthen our relationships.  In today's hectic life we very easily start living past one another.  Getting away from schedules, deadlines and responsibilities help us to relax and spend uninterrupted time together.

Taking the occasional break also helps to boost productivity, as well as creativity, as your batteries have been recharged and you have renewed energy for your workload.   

When you plan your getaway remember that it does not have to be expensive or far away.  Even just going to a nearby town and spending the day sight-seeing can be an excellent way to relax.  Take a picnic basket along packet with healthy food and even a decadent treat or two.  There are often very beautiful places right on our doorstep that we pass by and never bother to explore.  However, you will be surprised what gems these places have in store.

Happy planning!

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