Thursday, 20 June 2019

Let's Play!

Adults are too old to play games, right?  Wrong!  There is a saying that we don't stop playing, because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.  How many of you remember game nights as children?  I recall my parents inviting friends over for Rummy or Monopoly evenings.  I was too small to play along, but I loved to listen to the stories they told and the jokes they laughed at.  Then television happened and game nights got replaced by TV evenings.  Those who had TV's would invite those who did not have to watch Dallas and Dynasty.  The telling of ghost stories made way for speculation about what JR might be up to.
Today children while away the hours with game consoles in hand, their eyes glued to the screen.  It's great for developing their their fine motor skills, it helps them to solve problems and improves logical thinking.  However, they tend to interact less with their immediate environment and miss out spending time with the family.  Board games on the other hand is an amazing way to connect with other people and it brings families together,creating memories.  Board games can help us to develop our communication skills and improves our attention span. It's a wonderful way to relax, have fun while at the same time it improves our cognitive abilities.  Playing board games can even help to lower our blood-pressure and improve our mood.
So, how about inviting some friends over tonight for a bowl of soup and a game of Cluedo!

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