Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Collection of Butterflies

I lay in bed last night and thought about how incredible God's creation is.  We are surrounded with beauty every day and we are so fortunate to be able to see it, hear it, smell it, taste and touch it.  What fun the Lord must have painting a fresh new sky every morning on His heavenly canvas.
Butterflies are like tiny little pieces of art floating about, each painted with precision and totally original.  Their delicate beauty never cease to astound me.  If only I could capture a fragment of their beauty on canvas.
This week I am privileged to take part in our art group's annual exhibition, and I am amazed to see such a collection of beautiful and skillfully executed art in one place.   Yet I stand humbled, for we are but imitators of the great Creator.  How blessed we are that He shared some of His creative being with us, endowing us with the talent to create in order to communicate His message of grace to those who come to view our exhibition.
Creating art is more than just putting pretty images on a canvas, it is also a process of learning, growing and discovering your true self, our creative selves.  If we have been made in the Lord's image then we have also been given his creativity, but few of us realise this, preferring rather to listen to that vengeful inner critic who constantly wants to rob us of inner peace, inner fulfilment and joy.
Often I hear people say that they are not creative, they cannot even draw a stick man.  It is a lie they tell themselves.  There are so many different forms of creativity, after all we have more than the sense of sight, we have ears to hear beautiful music, poetry and stories.  Noses to smell fragrances and food, therefor we need the artistry of chefs.  We have hands to touch and to feel, maybe your creativity lies in turning an ordinary piece of cloth into a fantasy of swirling colours, or changing a house into a home.  Creativity is woven into the very fibre of our beings.  It is etched in the way a mother loves her children, it is carved in the way a father plays with his children.  Look for it and you WILL find it.
What is your creative gift?  If you flutter by here, please share it with me.  We are all kindred creative spirits.  Together we are a rabble of butterflies.


  1. Enjoy the art exhibition and best of luck!
    Every child is born an artist until a teacher tells them they cannot sing or draw or dance(not every word my own)
    Creativity is part of every way we live our lives.Even cooking without recipes . I love smelling the food I am about to eat,not to ascertain whether it is 'off' but for the enjoyment of the different flavours .When cooking without a recipe I find it great fun, through common sense,of course,and my great sense of smell ,plus using my instincts to put ingredients together to create a stunning dish.
    Putting clothes together to create an eye catching outfit..... that I find the greatest fun! As Charri said ,it is only creativity which enables us to make a house into a home for our loved ones ,thus creating for them a soft place to fall when coming home from outside stresses , unavoidable in the work environment....and that you can do with great financial resources or with very little...that especially is when the creative juices can flow freely!
    Beauty IS all around us ,we just have to lift our eyes to see.
    Driving through town last week on the coldest evening ,we passed a house ,lights on ,curtains open ,and I noticed this beatiful bright red couch in the lounge and I thought WOW how great and beautiful ,it lifts one's spirit!
    So we can go on ,it would be nice to hear what other people find a creative outlet ,things I might not even have thought about.

    1. Hi, Barbara,
      Thank you for your lovely post. What a blessing you must be to your family, preparing such interesting and tasty meals. Have fun in your creative world!