Monday, 27 August 2012

Butterfly Words

This morning while I was watching my youngest daughter getting ready for school I said to her that it is not quite as warm as it was last week, to which she replied, " I am still going to put on my jersey".  Of course to this I replied that I was just mentioning it, and asked her what would a mother be if she can't say anything, to which the little madam replied with a question in her voice, " A mute?" 
This answer of hers made me laugh so as she always has a quirky answer ready, and normally not what one would expect.  However, this made me think.  Every single word which exits our mouths leaves an imprint on our children's lives.  Every single word has a consequence, an effect on the people who hear them. Maybe that is why the Bible warns us to place a guard in front of our mouths.  Words have the power to guide, to inspire, to build, yet they also have the power to demean, to hurt and to destroy.  A single word can break a heart, it can change the course of history or it can avert a war.
Words are like a bag of feathers that gets ripped open, once they leave your mouth and find their way on the wind to somebody else's ears you can never take them back.  They entangle themselves in the hearer's mind and there they bloom or fester.
The other side of the coin is equally interesting.  Just as words which are uttered have a certain result, words which are left unsaid can also have a powerful effect.  How could that be, you might ask.  When we see a dangerous situation, and do not give the warning, or we do not speak up against an injustice,  or we do not give praise where it is due, all these can have their very own consequences.
It is our duty as parents to guide and teach our children, even when we fear that we might be unpopular.  Keeping quiet might avert their teenage wrath, but it can have dire consequences for our children.  Not voicing our opinions or standing up for our beliefs is like silently agreeing to the destruction of our values. Not saying "no" out loud is like saying silently "yes".
Words can lift a listener's spirit like butterflies on a spring day, or they can send a person into deep despair. Words are so easy to utter, yet it has to be governed with wisdom, It is important to learn how and when to use them, and when it is best to be silent.  Years ago my sister gave me this advice : " Choose your words as you would choose beautiful flowers for a friend - only the most fragrant, the very best."

If you flutter by here please share with me the the words that have had the most influence on your life.  To comment click on the words "no comments" or "1 comment " and follow the link.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. Very well put!!! I enjoy the incorporation of family tales!!!

  2. Haha! Thank you for your post,Roxy!