Saturday, 25 August 2012

Perfect Pieces

One of my favourite crafts I enjoy doing is mosaic.  I love everything about it.  I enjoy selecting a design and then choosing the colours and type of tiles I want to use, but most of all I love the assembly process.  Looking for that perfect tile that will fit into that specific place, and if I cannot find one, I shape a piece until it fits right in.  When all the pieces are in place, I stand back and survey the overall picture and am usually quite amazed at what lies there in front of me on the table.  The last highlight of the process is covering the object with grout and then cleaning it and polishing it to reveal the final product.  It usually takes my breath away, because it is always better than what I hoped for, almost as if something divine took place that I had no hand in.
Life is also like a giant mosaic and we are the pieces.  On our own we are small and often seemingly insignificant.  People might even pass us by, completely overlooking our potential, not understanding our worth.  We might feel useless and out of place, we might think we have no purpose, no destiny.  Some of us might even feel as if we have outlived our usefulness, that we are no longer needed.  I have news for you, you are completely wrong! 
Every little fragment of a tile, has its special and specific place in a mosaic piece. Sometimes the mosaic artist just needs to shape it a bit, cut off a sharp corner here or there, or square it up a bit.  Nothing is wasted.  Even the cutoffs are saved for another time.  Everyone of us have our place in life that cannot be filled by anybody else, we are a perfect fit in our niche.  Each one of us is necessary to complete the picture.  We have been specifically created by God to fulfil His perfect mosaic plan.
Even when I feel that I am too broken, too small or too dull to be of any use, God has His eye on me to fill that one gap where no other piece can fit into. He shapes us, guides us and polishes us to perfection.  From all our broken little pieces he makes a masterpiece, he form us and gives us wings to soar.  His plan is always better than what we hoped for.  In His hands we are complete and breathtakingly perfect! 

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  1. I once was a broken soul
    But now I am whole
    Through God's perfect plan
    I know I can!!

    1. Thank you, Sumsa, for this little gem. How wonderful that God makes us whole. Hope you have a blessed day. Join us on a Thursday for the poetry challenge.
      Charri xxx

  2. This piece is so true. How many times do I feel exactly that way, like I have no idea if I fit in, or what my purpose is. I often have to remind myself that each and everyone has a purpose and a meaning in this world. Thank you for reminding me about how meaningful we all are.xXx

  3. Never forget how special you are!!!