Monday, 6 August 2012

Whispered Wishes

".....I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight...."

This childhood rhyme takes me back to starlight nights when I would sit at my bedroom window and look up at the yellow moon.  I would dream dreams of fairies and far off magical places.  In the background I would hear  James Lasts' "Classics Up To Date" playing, interrupted occasionally by my parents hushed voices coming from the veranda.  Silently I would send a million wishes out into the night, carried on the wings of prayers.......
The Papago Tribe, also called the bean people, from Arizona, have their own beliefs about wishes.  According to legend they believe that if one wanted a wish to come true, one has to catch a butterfly and whisper the wish to it.  Since a butterfly cannot talk it also cannot reveal the whispered wish.  After confiding the wish to the butterfly, one has to give the butterfly its freedom.  The wish would then be carried to heaven and granted.
Today, as an adult, I know that wishes are flimsy things, with no substance.  Dreams on the other hand are much more tangible.  Wishes are often quick random thoughts and desires, while dreams are usually thoughts we have been pondering for a while, ideas we are hoping to turn into reality.  A wish relies on an outside source to make it happen, while a dream relies on the dreamer to take action.  Yet a wish is often the first sign of a dream that is busy germinating, it is a message sent by the subconscious mind.  I believe that wishes are the calling cards of dreams.  Whisper your wishes to the butterfly, tie it to a prayer and set it free, soon it might return with a dream......


  1. This resonates so well with a post in my blog [] that I used your image - with a caption and link to your blog. I hope this is okay. Lovely blog!

    1. Thank you, Alison. You are most welcome.